Welcome to The Roebuck Shopping Centre based in Newcastle-Under-LymeWelcome to The Roebuck Shopping Centre based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme
Roebuck Shopping Centre

Roebuck Shopping Centre

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Friday, 19 Jul 2019

About The Roebuck Shopping Centre

Situated on the High Street one will notice the restored elevation of the Roebuck Shopping Centre, formerly Sutherland House. The Centre is on the site of a public house called The Angel, and a later building which was known as The Old Roebuck Coaching Inn.

"As the principal road through the town High Street contained several important coaching inns by the beginning of the 19th century. The most notable at this period was the 'Roebuck' "one of the most savage, dirty alehouses"which Lord Torrington described in 1972 as the largest inn of the town but at the same time as 'one of he most savage, dirty ale houses' he had ever entered. In 1839 the owner of the Castle Hotel opposite announced that he had acquired 'the horses, chaises, flys, hearses etc.' from the 'Roebuck's' late proprietor. By 1842 the 'Roebuck' had closed, but it appears to have opened again for a short period in the 1860's.The building, which still stands on the west side of High Street, dates from the late 18th century and includes a large assembly room at the rear. Its three-story front, pierced by a carriage entrance, has been converted into shops and much altered. "