Craft Emporium at The Roebuck!

Further to our advert on Facebook and conversations with all the people that have enquired which has been very overwhelming and amazing input from the local community.
We have included details below of the costs & idea’s we have in relation to setting up the emporium.

For this to work we would need at least 14 permanent crafters to commit on a weekly basis. We have batted idea’s of many different ways in which people want to contribute to the idea of setting up the craft Emporium. You will all know craft comes in many different guises and the way in which people work in relation to selling their goods also differs.

Craft Emporium
Craft Emporium 2020

So we have worked out the costs required to be able to cover the overheads on one of the units, this being licence fee,service charge,business rates,electricity and buildings insurance. This has been based for all you who know the centre on the ex next ladies/gents (pictures attached) two floor unit in fantastic condition.
Total cost per table for the full week would be £70.00 per week.
If by the day then a table in either the emporium or the walkways would be £25.00 per day.
Display units (for those that can’t be on site) £45.00 per month.
Tables and display cabinets will be supplied by Revegate Ltd.
Kiosks in the walkways (which are totally independent of the other crafters) £200.00 per week pictures attached.
There are utilities such as WC/kitchen all on site in the shop.

Craft Emporium

There will be other options like displaying art work and goods but we have yet to discuss the logistics of this. Initially we are looking to get the crafters in that can self manage so as not to incur additional costs of staffing. But if the idea takes off and we can sustain the overheads we will employ somebody to run the emporium opening up and many more avenues. We hope that what we have put together works for you.

We would like confirmation from all the interested parties so we can set in motion going forward. If anybody has any questions/concerns please contact us to discuss.

We also need to mention that we have applied for planning permission from the Council to convert the Old Argos unit to a Artisan food hall, once this is up and running it will compliment the Craft emporium. Artists impressions attached for your information.

We hope that we have covered everything but if not feel free to contact us with your enquiries and we will aim to answer all queries.

  1. Is this still going ahead? Would love a stall in the craft emporium. Cant find any advertisement about it.

  2. Hi when will this be up and running.

  3. Although Rents have apparently been reduced, there are more empty units than ever so when will there be retailers in…


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    1. Hi Kerry,
      Please can you use our contact form and one of our team will get back to you will further information. Contact Us


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