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We have been granted permission to go ahead with our plan for a new food hall in the Roebuck Shopping Centre. What are your opinions? What would you like to see in our food hall?

Artist illustration of the Food Hall.
Artist illustration of the Food Hall.
  1. DOROTHY Phillips on Food Hall

    It be draught from automatically opening doors to car park?

  2. If this was something like Altrincham market it would be great!

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  1. I dont think we need any more food places .I would prefer some boutique with different clothes womens mens babies, perfumes bath bombs .something different

  2. Great! Would like to see some live music here too.
    A burrito stand would be good….no more burgers please
    Noodle Bar
    Vegetarian/Vegan food
    Craft beer bar
    Salad Bar

  3. Artisan foods – why not encourage and support local independent growers and bakers – let’s have something more unique than a typical high street food store. cookery demonstrations to promote healthy eating options.

    1. That sounds good. It could help to make it more interesting and more of a destination? Possibly too expensive for the centre to run, unless some artisans / supermarkets/ health visitors etc volunteer. Maybe Belong or Bradwell Hall could help occasionally?

  4. This is great news. I’d like to see something similar to Altrincham Market and Mackie Mayor in Manchester. Independent stalls selling a wide choice of different foods including vegan. Some stalls that sell alcohol. Make it a great place to visit at night as well as during the day.

  5. Great news. Please replicate Altrincham market as it has become the hub of the community and has helped bring life to the whole town with new businesses opening up all around it.
    Artisan stalls with good local food and vegan choices is the way to go – open all day and evening.

  6. We need more shops in the roebuck to create a food hall or else it’s just going to be like the one by vue which was open for a yr then closed

  7. This is a wonderful idea. Please gain inspiration from the likes of Altrincham market or the picturedrome in Macclesfield; greasy spoon cafes and fast food chains are a thing of the past for places like this….proper made food with healthy options!

  8. It needs somewhere for older people, perhaps on their own, to feel comfortable. A vintage tearoom with magazines so people could sit on their own and not feel awkward. Scones, tea cakes, slice of cake with tea etc.

  9. Please develop this with quality at the forefront of your plans. Do this on the cheap and it will devalue what could be a promising project for a town centre with great cultural connections.

  10. This is excellent news for Newcastle. I agree with the person above about shops (units) the Roebuck centre (as well as the if Newcastle)needs to move forward with the ‘totally locally’ brand (as Leek has and succeeded ) so the units should be rented out to local businesses and the food court should use local produce with a range of snacks on the menu to suit all dietary requirements from gluten free, lactose intolerant to vegan. Make it into the hub of Newcastle with areas for weekly groups such as ‘knit and natter’, book clubs etc and an area for young families (with space for a buggies) … fingers crossed because we love Newcastle and really want it to thrive

  11. I’m interested to see what the plan is… the food hall in the VUE obviously didn’t take off with franchised eateries, so is it going to be modelled on the likes of Mackie Mayor’s (Manchester) – The Baltic Market (Liverpool)?

  12. I’m interested to see what the plan is… the food hall in the VUE obviously didn’t take off with franchised eateries, so is it going to be modelled on the likes of Mackie Mayor’s (Manchester) – The Baltic Market (Liverpool)?

    A selection of different options and craft beer/gin bars?

  13. A food hall is great….
    However, what this shopping centre really needs is pay as you go parking. The current pre-pay system is archaic, and prevents visitors (shoppers) from spending time browsing the shops, then spending extra time in food halls relaxing and socialising.

    1. We have no control over the car park prices this is owned by the Council however within our lease we have to maintain the lift area

  14. Street food – local independent foodies selling decent food, can rotate on a weekly /monthly basis. Check out Nottingham Street Food Club for a great concept.

  15. Personaly I dont think we need one. Newcadtle is full of places to eat and drink.
    But It would be good if the food hall was open late,
    affordale food to all.

  16. I think this is a great idea as long as the rents are reasonable so tennants can make decent profit. Newcastle needs more shops to browse around to attract more people.

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